Machine Tools and ProductsThe Italian Market

Prominent component of international leadership, Italian industry is characterized by distinctive features that make it a completely original entity in the world scenario. The first difference is the structure of the production complex, more fragmented than in other countries. The vast majority of the companies operating in Italy is in fact constituted by small and medium size companies: the typical company that produces industrial products, whose management is directly handled by the farmer, does not occupy more than 70 employees, compared to 200 who are the average of Japanese and German industries.

Non surprisingly, the most remarkable aptitude developed by Italian manufacturers of industrial products and machinery is to provide customized systems, made according to specific needs expressed by customers.
Besides quality, flexibility, reliability and customization, the Italian industrial offer is characterized by a trade policy that, applying the principle that technology should be shared, leads companies to present itself in all markets with an approach of complete openness to dialogue and cooperation.

For this reason lots of Italian industrial products can be found all over the world: machine tools, hydraulic valves, plastic moulded components, thermoplastic protections, systems for industrial laundries and so on.
And this is exactly what you will find in the several pages of this site! A selection of the best Italian industrial production...